Sunday, April 30, 2006

Light Switch Cover

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Cute giant squid lightswitch cover from cafe press!

Cthulhu Mask

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Bob Bassett, a russian artist and leatherworker has produced a nifty cthulhu mask.
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Some of is other stuff is pretty incredible too, such as:
-A big thanks to NorwoodMatt for the links!

Friday, April 28, 2006


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Found randomly, and I've been unable to find the originator of this delightful new ice-cream.

My google-fu is weak today.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baby Pirate Cabana Street Fight 2006!!

 You have an assignment today:

You will all find a broadband connection capable of downloading this 100mb movie file, and you will watch it. Trust me. It's worth it.
Paul Robertson is the demented mutant responsible for this short animation piece about a video game that never existed, but should have.
Viewing is mandatory.  Cephalopods (and zombie cephalopods) feature heavily.

Originally found here

Friday, April 21, 2006

More Tentacle Kids

Our Child To Be
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Rember, we love the Great Old Ones, we don't love the Great Old Ones.

Or else this is what happens.
Aww, but just look at its little suckers!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Geologic Cookbook

I know what we're making for Cephalopodmas next year:
Ammonites in a blanket!

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Geologic and Paleontologic Cook Book: How to make edible goodies for teaching and fun!
There are also trilobite cookies that look awesome too.
Found via the Cephalopodcast Blog

Kraken Girl

Kraken Girl
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Created for a photoshop contest

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Infinite freedom of motion

Researchers recorded muscle activity in octopus limbs, and found that an arm generates two waves of muscle contractions that propagate toward each other. When the waves collide, they form a part-time joint.
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Monday, April 17, 2006


This site has some amazing jewelry.
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Giant Sea Anemone

Giant Sea Anemone
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An enormous sea anemone from 2500m depth on the East Pacific Rise is reported this month in the journal Marine Biology. The monstrous actiniarian Boloceroides daphneae is abundant on boulders, cliffs, and rocky outcrops near hydrothermal vent sites but not on them, writes author Marymegan Daly from Ohio State University. The largest living specimen she found had a column diameter of 1m, a tentacle crown of 2m diameter, and tentacles trailing an estimated 3m and more. That's just downright dangerous. B. daphneae's closest living relative is the comparatively diminuitive Cerianthid anemone found in warmer coastal waters.

The new species has been known since 1990, but it was tough to collect, and it provides a good example of commonly encountered but largely unstudied species in the deep sea environment. According to Daly, the eggs of B. daphneae are yolky, and should therefore be long lived. Theoretically, they should also be capable of fairly broad dispersal on deep ocean currents, maybe even caught in a hydrothermal updraft to be cast even more widely. This would account for their broad distribution. Ten or more giant anemones can be seen in a 'typical' eight hour dive.

Here is a link
to more .

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Who's laughing now?

Who's laughing now?
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More of my watercolors. Not bad for my second attempt.

He'll be comin' round the mountain

I've been dabbling in watercolors. Bad things have happened.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Yay! More squidblogs!!
This one is new to me:
and if you missed it the first time:

Cephalapod Friday:

from Pharyngula, our favorite science blogger:

Friday Cephalopod: Japanese Pancake Devilfish

Opisthoteuthis depressa

Figure from Cephalopods: A World Guide ( amzn/ b&n/ abe/pwll ), by Mark Norman.
If you look at it upside down, it's like it's sticking its tounge out at you.

Sleepytime Cthulhu

Found randomly on the net:
Sleepytime Cthulhu

Fishnipples, part 2

Ray Troll of Trollart has published some neat renderings of Tiktaalik, the missing link between water creatures and land animals:

Friday is Nipples on a Fish Woman Day!

Cthulhugrrl wrote:

This is from the Wired Game Blog, and it amused me:
Topless in Oblivion: The Video
Topic: PC Gaming
Most sites just talked about the mod for Oblivion that renders the female characters topless. GameVideos went out and did something about it, damn it.

Click here (mild adult content, sort of, really it's just a few polygonal nipples) to experience the effects of the mod for yourself. Really, it's, uh... vaguely disturbing. Moreso than it is erotic. Unless you're really into checking out the nipples on a fish woman. Or enjoy seeing a half-naked woman rampage through a city beating people with what seems to be a wooden club.

So actually it's probably very erotic for some people.
Chris: Everyone knows that nipples + fishwomen = crazy delicious!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chris Perridas: H. P. Lovecraft & His Legacy: February 1933 - Mythos Dynamite

Chris Perridas: H. P. Lovecraft & His Legacy "A presentation of H. P. Lovecraft, his contemporaries, and his historical significance. A 'blog of references, original mini-essays and Lovecraft's wide reaching influences."

-Excellent blog of Lovecraft's writings and atmospheric pictures for the time period.

Bobtail squid

Cthulhugrrl wrote:
So, while full sized adult bobtail squid are adorable, actual baby bobtail squid are far from it...

Research Dump: For later organization

This morning's research for the Tentacle:
According to lovecraft, it's supposed to be here: 47° 9' S, 126° 43' W Google maps link to that location
-What is a shuggoth?
There are some things that man was not meant to adapt to musical theatre, and A Shoggoth on the Roof has long been regarded as a musical that cannot and must not be produced.
Extensive article on a fishing trip for humbolt squid... tons, and tons of humbolt squid..

Sanity Ablation: Dancing Karaoke Cthulhu

Thats right, its a flash thingy that dances to mp3's, or your voice.  The effect is really rather disturbing.
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Monday, April 03, 2006

Myth-o's commercial


Cthulhu Lives Silent film

Trailer for the "Call of Cthulhu" Silent film, from Cthulhu Lives: H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

It's $20 on DVD and looks amazing. We'll be picking this one up soon, I think.

In the notes on the DVD, there is strong evidence that these people are all stark raving mad:

"To appeal to Lovecraft fans throughout across the globe, this DVD provides intertitles in 24 languages including: Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Euskera, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Luxmbourgish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Welsh. These aren't just subtitles either — they are the real title cards rendered tastefully in each language. If you thought the story was scary before, wait until you see it in Welsh!"

How does "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu F'taghn!" translate in welsh, anyway?


Searching for the tag "Cthulhu" on YouTube produces some interesting results:


Testing out YouTube embedable player:

This makes me cackle, every single time.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu F'taghn!

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Welcome to the Daily Tentacle, where we're devote do bringing you all the news that's fit to ablate the sad lingering shreds of your sanity!

But for now, look at the cute little squid! Awww! He looks surly.